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What programs do you use?
-> Procreate, ibisPaint X and occasionally Clip Studio Paint. For editing animations I use CapCut.

What brushes do you use?
-> Really basic pixel brushes if the program has them; otherwise the first pixel brush I can find online.

Can I use/repost your art?
-> Please don't repost my art (reblogs on Tumblr are fine). You’re welcome to use my art as a profile picture or social media banner; crediting me in your bio or somewhere would be nice, but isn't necessary. You can also use my stuff as phone wallpapers or whatever! Go crazy! What am I, a cop?

Are your commissions open?
-> Not at the moment.

Are your DMs/PMs open?
-> DMing people online tends to make me very anxious, so unless your message is about a commission or something else pressing I will not respond. I do read and appreciate all the kind messages I get, though! If you're a mutual of mine who's sick of waiting three weeks for me to respond to DMs, please talk to me on Discord instead :)

Where can I find Umbrellas All the Way Down?
-> There's no UAWD comic or cartoon...yet. In the meantime, you can check out character profiles, a general overview of the story and universe, and some in-universe articles on my! I also post related art and occassional one-shot comics on my Instagram.

What sites are you on?
-> Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter (I've just started using Twitter and don't plan on being terribly active there, so if you need to reach me, Instagram or Tumblr is your best bet). My Instagram is where I post original character stuff with occassional fan art and my Tumblr and Twitter are almost exclusively fan art--mostly vocaloid and Project Sekai stuff at the moment--if that's more your speed. You can find a full list of sites I'm on such as RedBubble on my home page!

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